Africa University



Welcome to Africa University

Africa University is an institution of African learning systems. It includes African indigenous and endogenous knowledge institution for all Africans in the diaspora and global citizens. The schools aim is to educate on indigenous African knowledge systems and modernise and automate traditional knowledge through modern day systems and technology. The institution preserves African culture and leverage’s African traditions to ultimately solve African challenges. The innovative school succeeds at attracting Africans throughout the diaspora and leaders and intellectuals and works in equipping future Africans with a original paradigm to approaching life from the current global status quo. By 2020 there will be around 1 billion Africans living in Africa and its diaspora and Africa University aims to reunite and also connect all Africans through traditional values, virtues and principles at approaching Life and Humanity.

There has been already been great demand from all over the world from global citizens visiting our heritage institution. Our heritage institution already receives hundreds of people from all over the world annually interested in the programme and so this is simply an answer to the call.

Vision and Objectives

Africa University’s vision is to bring back Africa as the knowledge hub of the world as it used to be in Egypt and Alexandria. Africa University also succeeds in bringing together all Africans throughout the African diaspora through a common identity and unity.

Africa University is a platform that will re spark the African Renaissance.

The Objectives of Africa University include:

  • Preservation of African culture
  • Pan African syllabus
  • Afro-centric knowledge systems
  • Information Management
  • Empowerment of African Citizenry
  • Standardisation of indigenous knowledge system
  • creating a structural dimension of African renaissance
  • Seminars and symposium for learning opportunities
  • A different epistemology to dealing with African challenges

  • Pan Africanism
  • Platform to further enhance and develop african knowledge systems
  • Initiation of process of bringing back Africa as the learning capital of the world after the great university of Alexandria
  • Process step in the reality of an African university ans architectural structure
  • Creating a process of unifying Africans through values and identity
  • Institutionalising African knowledge systems
  • Conscientisation
  • Offering an opportunity for future generations to learn about African culture
  • to contribute to knowledge production in traditional African knowledge systems